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We have long-lasting relationships with our clients because we’re here for your questions – the big ones and the small ones. Whether you need an answer to a technical question or feedback on your website, we’d love to help. 

We do charge a fee of $50 for this service, but it comes with a video of our call (so you can remember what we talked about) and if you would like a written evaluation of your website and any suggestions we might have to make your web presence work better for you.  If you end up using us to rebuild or maintain your site, this $50 will be credited toward your first project. 

Evaluation for $50

This discounted price (reg. $100) includes a one-hour consultation as well as optional recording of the meeting and any written follow-up.

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We support small business

We pride ourselves on reliability, creativity and cost-effective digital solutions for your company. We will come up a with a cost-effective modern site that meets your budget. We pride ourselves on reliability and being there for you – no matter what the question or need.

Basic or Complex!

Let us design a simple site or take your  site to the next level. We can integrate multiple shopping cart solutions for each business as well as simple and complex plugins to help take your business to the next level and get your website working for you.


We pride ourselves on being reliable and there when you need us. Call with small changes – we bill by the 1/4 hour, so no change is so small that you have to have an outdated site!

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