Have I been hacked?

One of the common posts I see from friends on Facebook is “my site has been hacked” when in fact a duplicate account has been created that looks like their account. This may seem like the same thing, but it’s very different. What has happened is they have been “spoofed”. So, what are Hacking and […]

Caution: Avoid these website customer service errors!

I love working with small companies. These are the small companies who maybe are a tad too big (or not technical enough) to build their own website, but they need a web presence, and it should be an amazingly simple task. These sites often enlist the support of a child, brother-in-law or neighbor create a […]

Help! I can’t edit my website!

It happens more often than you’d think! I get a call from a new client and they’ve totally lost access to their website. Someone designed it for them, but they weren’t sure how it was set up – they just paid the bills. The Investigation Begins: Step one in the investigation is to figure out […]

Setting up your small business online: Part 1 Hosting

The pitfalls of setting up your small business online: Part 1 Hosting If I could afford to just help out every “little guy” that approached me with their website in an uproar or unreachable and un-updatable or valued at the thousands of dollars for a simple page I would. I’d have to be a non-profit […]

Important tips for a Successful Website

Something that I think all of my customers have in common is that they have been given bad advice about websites at one time or another, so I thought I’d use my newsletter to give out some advice that might (or might not) fit your business. Here are things I think are really important to […]

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